Quick Tip: Magazine Follow Up

A few weeks ago, I gave a tip on what to do with magazines so you keep what you want to reference back to while losing the rest.  I had a number of people mention that they had a really hard time parting with the entire hard copy.  So let's look at your magazine in a different way. 

I learned the term "ad banking" back in college.  It's when a magazine runs a number of ads back to back.  Being an avid magazine subscriber since I was a pre-teen, I recognized it immediately and think of it every time I thumb through a number of those beautiful, glossy magazine ads.   

Think of all those pages and pages that you aren't interested in.  Yet, you're sacrificing space just to keep so much of what you don't want in order to have the little bit that you do.  Does that really make sense to you?  I thought not.  So now, go take control of that magazine and only keep the parts you want!