How Do I Know it's Time to take Action?

I'm regularly asked when one knows it's time to get a handle on their things. Often, it doesn't happen until one has been driven absolutely insane. However, it's optimal to take care of it before you're driven to this point. Following are some signs to watch for that it's time:

  • Can't get drawers easily open or closed
  • Have to shove things out of the way to get to what you need
  • When you go to find something, the only thing you can think about is how you need to get that area in order
  • When you reach for something, you see something else and think about how you need to get rid of it

Essentially, you'll see the signs but often ignore them due to time, energy, lack of ability. If you find yourself frequently preoccupied with the thoughts that you need to do something, it's time to take action. It won't take as long as you think, it's not as hard as you anticipate and I assure you that the energy spent thinking about it in your head is better off taking real action. Not to mention how good you'll feel once it's done so get to it!


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