Resolution Action: Kitchen, What Lurks Underneath

How to neatly organize underneath the kitchen sink is a common issue for many people. (Under bathrooms sinks too) You want to get this area organized because if you have a leak or other problem down there, the disorganized things only compound the mess. I've had a problem twice and was so thankful that at least what I had down there was organized. Underneath the sink is perfect for cleaning supplies and other things that will never touch anything that will enter your mouth.  Never mix anything ingestible with cleaning supplies. No good can come of it.

So as with other areas, pull everything out and sort like with like. From there, determine how often you use each item. The things you don't use often don't need as easy of access as those things you use regularly.

One of my absolute favorite tools is the under-the-sink shelf. It's a simple plastic shelving system that goes under your sink. (obviously) It consists of small, ventilated slats that go over the cross bars of the shelf so that you can conform the shelf around your pipes. The ventilated slats allow any leaks or messes to drop down to the bottom.  Here's what it looks like underneath my sink:

As you can see, the top shelf works around my pipes. The things I use only occasionally are in the back. Things I use weekly are in the middle and things I use regularly are in the front with smaller things on the top shelf and dish rack to the side. It can be pitch black and I know exactly where everything is. Plus this configuration makes it so quick and easy for me to get exactly what I need, when I need it without any delay - especially helpful when you have a kitchen mess that can stain.

Underneath your sink doesn't have to be gross and scary. Plus, this project won't take to long at all so carve yourself out a little time today to clean and organize underneath your sink. It will save you tons of time in the long run.