Resolution Action: Storage Closets

Today I'm going to bring you coat/storage closet makeover. This closet is a classic case of the designer not thinking things through. In trying to take advantage of extra space under the stairs, what was created was a closet that was entirely too deep for the obvious intended purpose (coat closet) but too narrow to add shelving to create a great storage closet. (I swear as often as I see issues like this I sometimes think I should offer a service to builders so review their plans before they build so that they'll have an end product that is better for the person that actually has to live and function in the home. *end rant*)


What you can't tell from this photo is that the closet is really deep. And that shelf above the rod? Super-narrow. To the point of being silly, really.

So with all projects, we started by pulling everything out and sorting every. single. thing. in there like with like.  What we ended up with was this closet explosion all over the front dining room and living room:

And this:

I'm always amazed how much stuff can be crunched into small spaces.

So the next step was sorting through each sorted pile. I'd say the majority of things that were stuffed into the closet either belonged somewhere else in the home or ended up in the trash, donation or garage sale piles. It really was the perfect example of why it's best to just go ahead and deal with whatever the object is rather than shoving it in a closet to deal with "later."  From what was left, we decided the best option was to buy large plastic bins to store the photos and few other things that would live in this closet. Which gives us this fabulous after:


There are a couple of the bins lining the back wall, and then we allowed them to come up alongside the right side of the closet, giving walking room on the left. On the left side of the closet, the client will hang a long, wall-mounted coat hooks for guest coats and on the right side will be a shorter wall-mounted coat hooks for her scarves. 

Total time: 2 hours, not including the client's shopping time and putting items in the newly purchased bins.

Have a spare closet that's a hot mess? Just suck it up and attack it. I bet it won't be as bad as you think and it will feel sooooo good once you're done!