Organization Project: Laundry Room

When I start working with a client, I always want to start with what will be the most beneficial and where they will feel the most progress. Often this is a bathroom, closet or kitchen but with this client from our initial phone call is was always the laundry room. Initially I was suspicious, but after seeing it and meeting her I knew it was a good choice. The laundry room is located in the most central and used area of the home and the door is always open (the dog food and water live in there) so everything is constantly on view. Plus there was the bonus that because it is small, we could handle it quickly and she can look to it for inspiration and comfort while we work through the rest of her home.


Functionally, it's a great room but things had been scattered throughout that made it difficult to find anything. Though my client had tried to get the room organized in the past (as evidenced by the blue and white baskets), it just never quite came together.  We started by pulling everything out and sorting like with like to create a clean slate.

Once we got everything pulled out, we dusted everything off and my client weeded out a LOT of things to go to trash, donations or friends. Of the things we pulled out was the most impressive back up stash of booze that I have ever seen!

From there, I took a look at what was remaining and how it would best work within the space. The biggest categories going back in were doggie care, cleaning, laundry, entertaining and liquor. Once it all went back in, we had this:

We placed all the doggie items in one area in the lower cabinets. The cleaning items that were used most often went into a carry-all underneath the sink for easy access and back-up items went on the second shelf. First shelf was used for laundry cleaners and accessories. Entertaining items went on the top shelves on the wall and of the wire shelving unit. She already had the white plastic baskets so that made it easier to create a uniform look while gathering smaller like items in one place - i.e.  shoe polishes, rags and brushes. As for all that booze? It found its home on the wire rack right where it was before but this time better arranged.  

It's arranged by type of liquor, then brand. And yes, the whiskeys, bourbons and scotches are arranged by region. Because if you're that into the brown liquors, region is important. I joked that if it didn't all fit in it's home, someone was going to have to drink up and fast.

Total time: 6 hours.

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