Food Geek Friday: Keeping Track

I have a problem with food that should have its own frequent flier card.  As we already know, I go local whenever I can but it's not always feasible.  In the very least, I look to see where food comes from so I can make better decisions. The following two resources are for the origins of dairy and chicken.  Where is my Milk From - an easy to use resource that tracks your milk and dairy products back to the farm they came from.

The company Just Bare Chicken also allows you to track where your chicken came from on their website.

Admittedly, the more I learn about the processing and business of food - especially the unpleasant aspects - the more difficult it seems to do anything about it.  However I also know that, as with anything worth doing, every little bit helps.  Learning where your food comes from and consciously deciding to eat foods closer to you is a step that anyone can do.