My Take: Extreme Couponers

Have you seen this show Extreme Couponers? Many friends and clients have been talking about it recently, so I wanted to share my opinion here. Though not advertised or ever mentioned as such, I believe the show features a different type of hoarder from what we usually see on television.

By the commercials for this show, you would think it would show you tips and tricks to get the most out of coupons. You'd be wrong. Instead, they feature people who spend hours upon hours a day looking for coupons and sales so that they get the biggest deal. On the one hand, it seems quite impressive. $600 worth of groceries for $2.00 is cool in theory, but is it worth it in reality?

Following are some of the representations of skewed logic on the episode I saw:

  • Some of these people can't hold jobs because they spend so much time looking for coupons. Considering time is money, when you spend so much of your LIFE seeking out coupons, hours in the store and more hours storing the items, what are you really gaining? Especially when you're not using all these items you purchase and groceries don't pay the rent.
  • One lady had a wall of toilet paper so large that her family will never be able to use it all up in their lifetime. She said this wall of toilet paper brings her joy. JOY! 
  • One couple has a stockpile of goods that is taking over their whole house and affecting the relationship. Things should NEVER stand in the way of a relationship.
  • One couple was so proud of their stockpile that they want to will it to their kids. Goods are meant to be used. Things deteriorate over time. Foods expire. You should never have so many dry goods that they'll outlive you. (unless you're on your death bed)
  • A husband lost his job and the couple lived off of the stockpile. The wife talked about how she felt so downtrodden. Really? This is where you're supposed to be thankful it was there.

In all honesty, I couldn't even watch the entire episode. These people are hoarders. They may appear to be more organized and cleaner than the usual hoarder tv shows, but the irrational attachment to things over people is still there. This show is featuring ill people and praising their ability to get a TON of crap they don't need for next to nothing. I'd be impressed if they used their skills to attain goods for their families AND for charity, but nobody seems to be doing that. 

Side note - a friend tipped me off to this blog post that shows that this program may actually be showing coupon fraud in action. Certainly NOT something to emulate!

Have you seen Extreme Couponers? If so, please leave your thoughts in the comments. I'd love to know what you think about it!