Home Staging Top Ten - Part Two

On Monday, I covered my first five tips on staging your home. Let's get on to the next five!

6. When you think you’ve de-cluttered enough, do it again. Because you've been living in your home, you will have become "immune" to what is around you and just won't see everything the way a fresh set of eyes will. You may even want to have a third (and fourth) round of decluttering just to be sure. Always remember, having no item somewhere is better than having an imperfect something just to take up space. People are looking for lots of room.

7. Consider the flow of your room. How will people move through it and use it? Does a room have a great feature that should be highlighted? Arrange the furniture to create the flow and draw attention to great features.

8. Give the home a thorough deep cleaning, top to bottom. Sometimes all you really need is a great, major-deep cleaning to make things shiny and new again.

9. Once you’ve decluttered, rearranged and deep-cleaned your home, go over the entire place with a fine tooth comb. Look everything over, inch by inch with an objective eye. How is the paint? Do the sockets all work? Are there cracks that need to be filled? Leave no stone unturned as you examine everything. The better everything looks, the easier it is to sell quicker and closer to your asking price.

10. Don't forget curb appeal. Clean everything up - power wash sidewalks, porches, the front of your home and windows. Is your front door clean, chip free and inviting? Add a splash of color with potted flowers. This outdoor impression is your first impression. They'll never see the inside if the outside doesn't invite them to do so!

And there are my top ten favorite staging tips. Anything you'd like to add? Do so in the comments below!