Organization Project: Laundry Cabinet

Here's another quick and easy cabinet makeover for you. This time, we're working on laundry. Before:

This client knows the drill. Before I arrived, she pulled everything out, sorted like with like, got rid of the things that she didn't need and moved things that didn't suit the laundry cabinet purpose. We looked everything over and then I got to work putting things back in.


On the bottom shelf, we have everything she needs for cleaning the clothes. As we work our way up the cabinets, the items become less regular use and more storage with the top being items she needs access to the least. All of the rags that were in here went to live in the cabinet with the cleaning supplies since that's how they're actually used. (Many were tossed and the remaining now live neatly in bins.)

Side note: This is for a large family, but they don't *really* need that much toilet paper. The husband has a love for Costco. These along with a serious amount of paper towels were living in the garage (which will be a FABULOUS makeover when we tackle it). I wanted to bring in some of the surplus items that they need regular access to into the home so now the toilet paper lives here and the paper towels live in the cleaning supplies cabinet that is near this one.

Total hands on time: 30 minutes.