Another Storage Unit Red-Headed-Rant

Oh yeah...because I can't rail enough against storage units.

Warning - if you've got valuables wasting space in a storage unit rather than using them like the objects you insist you love, you may want a crash helmet for this one.

I'm in love with the shows Storage Wars and Auction Hunters. I'm constantly amazed by the items that are left in units. Obviously the units are up for auction because the people didn't pay their bill. (I believe the rule is three missed payments and you're out.)

People - if you've got those kinds of valuables in there, suck it up. Sell the goods and keep the money for yourself. Do NOT let your items go to auction. If you can't bear to sell your stuff, then how is it OK to let your payments lapse and lose your stuff for nothing???

Twisted logic, folks.

I assure you that if you've watched any of these storage shows, you would know that nobody cares about your stuff. They're going to saw off your lock. Then, strangers are going to peer through for a few minutes to decide if it's worth anything. They'll think, and say aloud, things like the following quote:

There's no value in this room. It's probably full of worthless mementos.

Yes, that is a real quote straight from the show. Let me give you a moment for that to sink in.

There's no value in this room. It's probably full of worthless mementos.

Let's face it. It's true. If they weren't worthless, these items would be in your home for you to enjoy and use and look upon and love. Instead, they're locked away. Once they make it to auction, they're abandoned as well.

Don't let that happen.

If you have a storage unit, you are pissing your money away down a black hole for items that aren't truly as important as you think they are. If they were, they'd be in your home with you. It's perfectly OK to let go of these items guilt free.

I give you blanket permission to get rid of anything - ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING - that is no longer serving you.

(Sometimes you just need permission and here it is.)

If you find yourself unable to make payment and your unit is heading towards auction, don't let them sell it to strangers for them to make a profit. Sell it yourself. In the very least, donate it to charity so that those in need can benefit and see some good come out of it.

It's not like you're using it anyway.

Put the money saved from your storage unit into something worthwhile and fulfilling for you. Is there a trip you've always wanted to take? A hobby you've wanted to start? Perhaps a new restaurant you've wanted to check out? Imagine how many months storage rent it would take to make it happen (may not take too long) put the saved money there and get more for hard-earned dollars!

Overwhelmed at the thought of what to do with all that stuff? Let me help. Email