Hey Red! I feel guilty about someone else's wedding gifts.

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Hey Red! I feel guilty about someone else's wedding gifts.

Question: My sister gave me the wedding gifts that she didn't want. I feel guilty getting rid of them since they were her wedding gifts. What do I do?

Answer: This one is easy.

Don't feel guilty and let go of anything you don't want either.

She didn't feel bad getting them out of her house and there is absolutely no reason why you should either.

Even if they were your weddings gifts, if it is something that you don't need, can't use and don't love then it is clutter and should be released guilt free. Letting go of the gift in no way negates the meaning behind it. Gifts are given in love and joy and I'm sure the giver of said gift would never want you to clutter your home on their behalf.

Let go of the gifts you don't want. Let go of the guilt while you're at it and notice how much better you feel once it's done.

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