Quick Tip: Scarves

As I mentioned last Thursday, I love accessories. I really love scarves. I've been known as somewhat of a scarf girl for many years now.

The problem with having a love of scarves (as I and many of my clients do) is that the specific scarf holder usually doesn't hold enough. My favorite way to hold scarves is totally makeshift and it works.

Scarf Organization

Plain white shower rings on a plain white tubular hanger. It takes up just a little space and I can easily see and get to each of my scarves. Buy a new scarf? Add another ring. The only caveat is that you have to balance them out carefully so everyone doesn't slide to one side but that's just a minor annoyance that I don't care to much about.

If you have a scarf addiction, this is a quick and easy way to get them organized without taking up much valuable closet real estate. How do you organize your scarves?