Food Geek Friday: Fun with Stone Fruit

Stone fruits are one of my favorite things about summer. It sure as hell isn't the heat. (Even if it's been unseasonably cooler this week.)

Nectarines and peaches are my personal faves - especially the peaches that come out of Parker County. (The county just west of me.)

Instead of giving you just one recipe this week, I'm giving you a ton of suggestions. Please feel free to leave your favorites or suggestions in the comments


white flesh peach with goat cheese and basil

White Flesh Peaches with Goat Cheese and Basil - Organizing with a Side of FaublousThis one is good raw or grilled. Slice the peach in half, remove pit and stuff with goat cheese. Top with chopped basil. If you're going to grill the peach, grill cut side down first until grill marks appear (a few minutes), flip and grill for another few minutes. I do this more to heat it up and bring out the sweetness rather than "cook" it.

grilled nectarines with ricotta and proscuitto

Grilled nectarines with ricotta and proscuitto - Organizing with a Side of FabulousSimilar technique as above but with ricotta instead of goat cheese and proscuitto instead of basil.

grilled peaches with sweet tea vodka whipped cream

I first created this a few years ago for an article on End of Summer parties. I was working on a Summer nostalgia theme and savoring those last few moments of quintessential summer. Summer in North Texas is all about Parker County peaches and sweet tea. This spins that into a fun adult dessert. Grill the peaches. (Few minutes cut side down, few minutes fuzzy skin side.) While grilling, beat some sweet tea vodka, a touch of powdered sugar and heavy whipping cream into a frenzy. Top peaches with whipped cream. I usually cut the peaches after grilling because the heat will cause the whipped cream to melt.

Greek yogurt with honey and champagne soaked nectarines

Champagne soaked nectarines over Greek yogurt with honeyChop nectarines. (white flesh are my favorite.) Soak in champagne for at least one hour. Afterwards, spoon Greek yogurt into a bowl. Top with nectarines, a bit o' bubbly and a drizzle of honey. The champagne is also good to drink with some nectarine as garnish.

vanilla ice cream with grilled nectarines, chocolate sauce and a splash o whiskey

Came upon this in a random whim of whatnot in my fridge. So I grilled some nectarines and chopped them up. In a martini glass (that's been hanging out in the freezer of course) I scooped in some vanilla ice cream. Then I topped with the nectarines, melted some chocolate and drizzled over the top and tossed in a splash of whiskey.

Pro tip: I love booze and ice cream. The alcohol cuts the fat and richness of the ice cream nicely.

red wine marinated peaches

Red wine marinated pears with homemade whipped cream - Organizing with a Side of FabulousPit and slice peaches. Place in large bowl. In a saucepan, heat up a fruity red wine with sugar and warming spices (cinnamon, clove and such) over medium heat, stirring until sugar has dissolved. Pour over peaches until covered. Let sit for one hour. Can enjoy with some whipped cream, ice cream or on their own. Also works with pears, as shown in the picture.

Bellini popsicles

Bellini Popsicle - Organizing with a Side of FabulousBecause a summer fruit post wouldn't be complete without alcoholic popsicles. Stir together 1 cup of peach puree (just blend up some peaches within an inch of their life) with 1/2 cup of your favorite bubbly. Freeze in molds or Dixie cups for 1 hour. Place wooden sticks in center and freeze for another 7-8 hours.