FedEx Small Business Big Grant Contest

FedEx Small Biz/Big Grant - Please vote for Organizing with a Side of FabulousHello Sunshines! I've recently entered into the FedEx Small Business Big Grant contest. The winner will receive a $25,000 grant. Part of the deciding process is how many votes each small business receives. I would be ever so thankful and drown you in a champagne fountain if you'd please vote for me! You may vote every day between now and February 23rd. This could be a big game changer for my business. I intend to use the money towards marketing locally and in other cities to help grow my business nationally, hire staff to help me take care of all the new clients, and create a system so that hoarders have one stop to find all the help they'll need.

Please vote (early and often) and share (if you see fit)!  Thanks again!

See the Organizing with a Fabulous entry and vote here.