Must I be a minimalist to be organized?

Must I be a minimalist to be organized - Organizing with a Side of Fabulous blog
Must I be a minimalist to be organized - Organizing with a Side of Fabulous blog

Recently I posted a redheaded rant about minimalism vs. cluttered homes. Whenever there is a surge in minimalist popularity, there also seems to be a backlash from some cluttered masses that take offense. Especially when - like the current book du jour - they're told to get rid of everything.

Personally I always see this as a "the truth will set you free but first it will piss you off" situation.

Both sides have merit in their debate.


Because we're all different. We all have a different clutter threshold that is our comfort level.

New clients are often surprised that I don't force, preach or even really talk about a minimalist lifestyle. I don't because, personally, I don't live it.

I like my creature comforts and luxuries too. And while I find true minimalist homes to be GORGEOUS in photos, I find them to feel on the colder side for real, day-to-day life. Mind you, if you see my home you may think it's minimal. It's certainly clutter free. However, minimal to me is a space which is spare and austere, so I don't think of myself as a minimalist.

If you're into it then that's fabulous. Some people need that extreme level to adhere to a system and clutter-free life. Other's really dig having very few things. That's not my personal glass of champagne and certainly isn't for many of my clients.

When you're coming from excessive and extreme clutter, then pleasantly cluttered is achievable and still a very welcome breath of fresh air comparatively.

I think when you're overwhelmed, up to your eyeballs in clutter, and have spent too much time researching organizing on the interwebs then it's easy to go into information overload. Then you come across a minimalist site or 12 and think you have to go completely spare to be organized.

Fabulous news, Sunshine. You do NOT have to become a minimalist to be organized.

Remember these points and you'll be well on your way to creating a sane and happy space:

  • Clutter is anything standing in the way between you and the home that you want to create. Nothing more. Nothing less. Expensive. Trash. Doesn't matter. If it's in the way, it needs to go.
  • Everything in your home should be something you need, use, and love. It also needs to have a place where it lives. Again - simple. Nothing more. Nothing less. If it doesn't meet those 4 points, it can go.
  • Your home needs to support your dreams and goal. It should welcome you when you enter it. If not, fix it. Change it. Shift and adjust and let go and do whatever you need to do to create the home that you love because at the end of the day

Being organized is about creating systems and setting things up in such a way that your life is easier.

Nothing to do with bins, baskets, labels, minimalism, or anything else.

It's all about creating ease within your home, schedule, brain, and life. In whatever way that looks for you.

So Sunshine, get to it!

What can you do today to create more ease and space in your home?

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