Food Geek Friday: Melon Berry Smoothie

I am a HUGE fan of the green smoothie - even if the majority of smoothies I make turn out to not be green at all. Some are downright ugly, if we're being honest here.

I first tried today's recipe as part of a 30-day challenge with Simple Green Smoothies. If you're into green smoothies, healthy eating and don't know about this site then check them out. Every quarter they do a free, 30-day green smoothie challenge followed by cleanse program they've developed.

Now I'll be honest - I hate the term "cleanse" especially when it's related to food. Our bodies can clean themselves just fine thankyouverymuch as long as you feed yourself proper foods. (Which the majority of us - myself included - don't always do.)  I also think the term feeds into the ridiculous obsession and horrible headspace that the media presses upon us about weight - much of which exasperates eating disorders.

But that's a redheaded rant for another day.

I love the Simple Green Smoothies Cleanse program because it's real, whole foods and LOTS of it. Seriously. Not only when I've done this was I never hungry, I had too much food! So if you've binged on a little too much junk food and/or booze this summer, it's worth a look and I also find to be worth the money. And the 30-day challenge is fabulous because they email you recipes and shopping list for each week. The only way it could be easier is if they came over, blended it up for you, and then brought it to you in bed.

That is a lovely thought, isn't it?

Note - I'm  not being paid nor was I asked to post anything. I just really dig this site, their recipes and programs. And it's where I got the recipe I'm sharing today. 

I made this for the first time the other week and have made it every week since. It's soooooo good. If you're one of those people freaked out about the thought that you may taste the spinach in this, I assure you that you won't. Watermelon is in season right now and so sweet that this is almost like candy. When I made it the other day it was almost too sweet because my watermelon was so sweet to begin with.

I'm often asked where I get my energy, especially considering I don't drink any caffeine. That's right, all this energy, snark, and sass is naturally powered.'s weird to me too.

So if you've considered trying out a green smoothie or just want to get more healthy goodies into your diet without it feeling like it's healthy, this is a lovely option to test out.


Melon Berry Smoothie

via Simply Green Smoothies

As a matter of fact yes, my smoothie does match my curtains. Thanks for asking.
As a matter of fact yes, my smoothie does match my curtains. Thanks for asking.


(without amounts because I do everything to taste)

  • fresh spinach
  • watermelon, seeded
  • frozen mixed berries
  • water or coconut water (if necessary)


  • If you have a cheap blender (like I do) - Put watermelon in and blend. Then add spinach and blend. Then add in frozen berries and blend until smooth. (Add in water or coconut water bit by bit if the blended watermelon didn't provide enough liquid.
  • If you have a hard-core blender - Add ingredients and blend until smooth.

Note: if it turns out too sweet, add a touch of salt to round out the flavors.

Do you drink green smoothies? If so, what's your favorite combo?