3 Tips To Improve Your Online Marketing Writing Today

3 Tips To Improve Your Online Marketing Writing Today. - Melinda Massie Blog

Writing for the online space is different from other forms of writing. Today you'll receive three quick tips you can apply to your online marketing writing to make it read easier and more naturally.

Often when we think of professional writing or writing for marketing purposes, we think it needs to be formal or at least follow all of the formal writing rules. 

However, this isn't necessarily the case. 

Online writing - and especially writing for social media - is less formal and has its own set of rules due to the nature of reading on screens instead of paper.


Pro tip: less formal doesn't mean less professional. We can still be just as professional while not sounding quite so stiff.

Note: if your brand voice is formal, then keep the tone formal. These tips apply to all brand voices. 


Drop the jargon.

There are many reasons to drop the jargon, but the only one that counts is this: your audience may not understand what you’re talking about. 

While we get it because we’re in the biz, many of our audience members are not and might not know what we’re talking about. 

Put your writing into the simple terms. Not because the audience is stupid, but because we want our marketing message to be easy to understand. 

This is entertainment after all folks!


Pro tip: the performing arts has a plethora of terms used only by us. Instead of using them in your promotional writing, teach them to your audience through fun social media or blog posts! 

Those outside the industry may not know what “ghost light” or “supernumerary” is. Social media is so great for behind the scenes looks and letting them in on the lingo can help them enjoy the performances even more. 


Short sentences. Short paragraphs. 

I was recently reading some Hemingway, and I’m telling you my kingdom for a comma and period! #holyrunonsentencesbatman 

It was at times challenging to read on paper and would have been even more difficult to read online. 

More and more people are reading online on their phones. You may be reading this on your phone right now. 

On a small screen, anything too long looks like a really long slog to get through. Furthermore, big blocks of text are harder to read. 

In addition to people reading on phones, more and more people are only skimming as well. Short sentences and short paragraphs make it easier for them to skim while still getting the pertinent info you want them to receive. 


Pro tip: before posting anything online, test read it on your phone. Break up any big blocks of text. Keep it around 1-3 sentences.


This tip applies whether it’s writing for your website, blog, or social media. If it’s online, keep those sentences and paragraphs short and sweet. 

BFF Text Test

The easiest way to imagine if your professional marketing writing sounds real is to imagine sending it in a text to your BFF. 

Sound weird? If so, then it's time to edit until it sounds natural. (While still in brand voice.)


Pro tip: are texts with your bff are a little *too* informal? (I know mine are!) Imagine sending the message to your fave patron. You know, that super-supportive patron that's at all the performances! If it'd sound weird to them then it's going to sound weird to your online audience too.


When you’re not used to it, marketing writing can feel awkward. Plus, the different rules for online vs. paper writing can make it feel even more oddball.

Apply these tips and your online marketing will read more naturally in no time! 

What are your fave writing tips? share them in the comments below!

Questions or have no idea where to begin? Contact me today and let’s change that!