3 Reasons Why You Should Start a Blog to Market Your Performing Arts Work.

3 Reasons Why You Should Start a Blog to Market Your Performing Arts Work. - Melinda Massie blog

Last week was all about storytelling and now you may be wondering what to do if you have oh-so-many stories to tell or if they're too long for social media.

Start a blog!

(Or revive if if you've let it lapse.)

Why should you blog:

You can share longer stories in a blog than you can on social media.

While some social media lends itself to longer posts, most of it needs to be in quick, bite-sized chunks. Blogging allows you to more fully tell your story.

BONUS: Long form blog posts help the performance of your website! The help to improve your SEO (as long as you're using relevant key words) and results in Google searches. The regular updates to your website also helps with Google search results.

Blog posts give you more to talk about on social media and in your newsletter.

Tease the story on social media. Send out email newsletters sharing the post with your audience. It can be challenging to think up new content all the time or reasons to send out your newsletter. Good news is you don't have to. Share your blog!

Blogs drive traffic to your website.

And this is where we want people to be to buy tickets! Draw them in with posts, help them stick around to buy tickets and donate.


Pro tip: Don't build your house on quicksand. You can't control social media, but you can control your website. Get people to your website through the blog. Have them sign up for your email newsletter. Know that you can directly reach your audience, even if social media changes.


BONUS TIP: it gives you things to say and share between productions.

All too often performing arts organizations go lax in marketing and social media between shows. Writing and sharing a blog between productions allows you to remain connected to your audience and excite them for the next show when it happens.

Do you have a blog? If not, share why not in the comments. If so, drop a link to your blog in the comments so we can read it!

Need more help? Contact me today and let's work together!

P.S. - For the past few years I've taught a workshop on blogging as a marketing tool. I'm currently turning that into an e-book. If you're interested in knowing when it's ready for release, sign up below for updates and be the first to know!