Quick Tip: Be Decisive.

Quick Tip: Be Decisive. - Melinda Massie Marketing Blog

Do you know you need to market yourself but you haven't started yet? Is your marketing inconsistent? Do you have projects that are ready for you to take action on but haven’t?

That means it's time to be decisive.

For the LONGEST time (I'm talking yeeeeeears) I resisted making editorial calendars for my social media and blog. However, when I finally sucked it up and did it, it took off SO MUCH PRESSURE.

Making decisions about what I was going to write ahead of time made the work process infinitely easier. When it was time to write, I no longer had to think about what to write. “I don’t feel like it,” was no longer on the table. I looked at the calendar and did what was planned.

Plus, it’s not like I can’t change the plan if necessary. If something more timely comes up, then I write about it instead and re-adjust the rest of the plans. I often do that. Marketing is meant to be fluid.

Another example: I’ve known since I began teaching marketing that I’ve wanted to create a series of … something … workbooks, courses, workshops, something to teach performers and other creatives how to market themselves.

The reason why it took over a year to bring the first workbook to life was straight up indecision. Do I create a workbook or online course? If I do an online course, which platform do I host it on? Do I start at the beginning with a marketing 101 and plan and go in a logical order, or do I start with blogging because I’ve taught a course on that for years and already have a lot of things prepared?

It wasn’t until I sick of my own overthinking and how much time it was wasting that I got decisive on what I was going to do (workbooks in the order of which they’d be needed if you were starting from scratch) that I could start to bring those plans to life.

Make a decision. Be bold.

(My band director always said it's better to make the wrong decision boldly than to be timid with the right one.)

Melinda Massie

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