Social Media Marketing Quick Tip: In the Moment Posts Don't Have to be Off the Cuff.

Social Media Marketing Quick Tip: In the Moment Posts Don't Have to be Off the Cuff. - Melinda Massie blog

The fabulous thing about social media marketing is that it can be of and in the moment. However, sometimes in the rush of things we forget one or more of the necessary elements: captions, hashtags, etc. 

Mitigate this by planning ahead. Decide what posts you want and pre-write your captions and hashtags.

After all, just because the post is in the current moment doesn't mean it has be wholly CREATED in the moment.

Not all of us are clever on the fly...and that's OK.  

This past spring I did two Instagram takeovers for Fort Worth Opera's Don Pasquale - final dress for FWO and opening night for Bass Hall. 

To be completely honest with you and me - I was nowhere near as pleased with my takeover of FWO's as I was Bass Hall's. 

The difference? 


(Mind you, there were other factors that made a difference. For final dress I didn't have all of my permissions yet for where I could shoot and how much I could share of the show so I leaned on the side of caution. Plus, we were still working out tech issues - like nailing that quick change I mentioned last week - and other tight transitions so I didn't have as much extra time to devote to sharing on social media during final dress as I did on opening night. However ultimately the biggest difference came down to planning ahead.

You can check out some of my take-over posts in my portfolio, and others that I also shared to my Instagram in the highlights here.)

For your social media posts on rehearsal or show days, make a plan. 

  • Decide what you want to share, what platform and format (ie. Instagram story or feed), and approximately when to share.

  • Next, decide what photos you want to take, write captions and decide hashtags. Keep this in a place you can easily cut and paste into a post. I make a TickTick task for it.

  • Through the course of your day and show, shoot your photos, cut/paste your captions, and post!

Doing all of this prep work made it SO much easier to share through the run of the performance, and I know it can help you too!  

Behind the scenes and in the moment posts during your productions are fabulous for social media marketing. Make it infinitely easier on yourself, save time, and post with confidence by planning ahead of time.

Do you share performances on social media? If so, do you plan ahead or fly by the seat of your pants? If not, why not? Share with us in the comments!