Hey Red! How do I create perky social media posts when I just can't even?

Hey Red! How do I create perky social media posts when I just can't even? - Melinda Massie blog

Hey Red! 

I have a hard time getting excited about posting anything on the blog or social media when the work I've done that day was centered around filing payroll taxes and renewing liability insurance! 

Also I tend to overthink and am a perfectionist, so I don't want to post something just to post it. I have to have a very good reason. 

Please help! 
Not-So-Perky Perfectionist. 

Dear Not-So-Perky, 

First off, you're not alone. We all have moments where we're feeling less than inspired. Don't let it stress you out to the point of inaction. 

After all, done is better than perfect. 

As a recovering perfectionist myself, I know rubs that overthinking, perfectionist skin the wrong way...but so be it. Get comfy outside of your comfort zone. 

Think of it like learning a new piece of music, choreography, or role. It's awkward at first, but with time and practice, it gets more familiar and soon enough you feel pretty good about it. 

Same is true when you feel uncomfortable with posting to social media. It can often feel ridiculous. Are we just screaming into the void? 

Maybe. And that's fine...you never know who out there in the void will find you and love you.

Embrace the randomness that is screaming into the void. 

Just keep those screams on strategy. 

(Don’t have a plan? Here’s a good place to start or contact me for more help.)  

And remember - you do have a good reason to post. You have a great reason to post.

Your audience needs to hear from you! 

This isn't narcissistic. This is fact.

Think about a time when you found out about an awesome show after it was already over.

Sucked didn't it? 

(And if you're like me, you're a little mad that they didn't market it better.)

So market yourself - post to social media - on a regular basis because those who like you want to hear from you! 

In addition to keeping in touch with your audience, posting regularly has another important - and really quite vital to social media - benefit:

It maintains your rankings in the social media algorithm. 

Which is really just a fancy way of saying it keeps your posts seen. 

Social media algorithms reward consistency. When accounts don't post consistently, The Social Media Powers That Be (official name obvs) don't think you're serious so they don't share your posts as widely. 

Posting to social media on a regular basis ensures that when you're posting the important things like upcoming performances or donation requests, your audience will be more likely to see the posts. 

If you only post when there is a show going on, the likelihood of your posts having a far reach is smaller. 


Pro tip: promoting only when you have a show going on is also annoying to the audience. It’s like that less-than-splendid friend that only contacts you when they want something. Share with your audience all sorts of things regularly and often! 

(Unsure how and what to post to promote productions? Start here. Need help and ideas for in between productions? This blog post will help.) 


Psst! What to know a little known secret that not everyone will admit to?

It's OK to occasionally be a little mundane. 

Performance is about hiding the magic. Social media allows us to give our audience a behind the scenes look at how that magic is created.

Sometimes the creation of that magic is actually mundane - like doing your taxes. Other times  - like practicing or makeup tests - seem mundane to us because it’s what we’re used to. However your audience my find these behind the scenes snippets fascinating! 

(Want to see an example in fabulous action? Check out the behind the scenes takeover posts on The Handmaid’s Tale’s Instagram. They’re really so interesting and SO cool!)

Play around with making the mundane special. Tell a story. Share your excitement about what this mundane task will create. As performers, we can find beauty in the simple. Take this curiosity to find some beauty in the boring. 


Pro tip: it's ok to have some dud posts. Quality social media marketing management recommends posting at least once a day so not everything will land. By having some variety and seeing what does and doesn't work, you'll be able to better shape future posts. 


And on a very practical, productive note: batch tasks.

Instead of trying to figure out what to post each day, block out some time in your calendar to sit down, plan, write, and schedule a bunch of posts at one time. 


Pro tip 1: Before you do this, get yourself all set up to have a good time. Play some music. Get some snacks and a delicious beverage of your choice. Even get out of your usual work space and do it somewhere else that inspires creativity if necessary. 

Pro tip 2: This doesn't have to be a huge long thing. You don't have to plan your posts for the entire year, quarter, or even month. Personally, I plan (in pencil) for the quarter, but I write and schedule week to week. This is my optimal space for stability and flexibility. The most important thing will be consistency. Play around until you find the timing and technique that works best for you. 


Taking the time to batch tasks and schedule posts ultimately saves time and energy later so that you can focus on the production or other things that need your attention while having the peace of mind that comes with knowing that this portion of your marketing plan is handled.

One final tip: 

When all else fails, and you’re still feeling unsure, uninspired, and just can’t even - coffee and cats


Coffee and cats make the social media world go ‘round. 

How do you jazz yourself up to post on social media when you just can’t even? Share with us in the comments! 

Need more personalized help to figure it all out? Contact me today and let's get you feeling confident in your marketing!