How to: Fill Your Social Media Marketing Calendar Between Performances.

How to Fill Your Social Media Marketing Calendar Between Performances - Melinda Massie Blog

A while back we discussed planning your social media marketing calendar for promoting your performances. Last week we discussed how to still post when you’re just not feelin’ it. This week is all about what to post to your social media accounts between promotional posts and in the spaces between productions.

Related side note: this is a great time to plan out the rest of this quarter and the rest of this year. Many organizations are starting new seasons. Furthermore, the holidays can really throw things into chaos and a solid plan will allow you to breathe easier knowing everything is already taken care of.

As I’ve often discussed, to stay fresh inside of the algorithms of The Social Media Powers That Be™, you need to post regularly. However, if you have a lot of time off between shows (or are a festival format that only performs one time of year) it can feel challenging to know what to post in the off-time.

(As well as be annoying to the audience/readers if you only post when you want something.)

First things first, have you planned out your promotional calendar for your productions, performances, donations drives, and any other major events?

Big rocks go in first! So if not, do that now as top priorityStart here if you need help. Once you’re done with that, come back here to fill the rest in.

I’ll wait.



Now what to fill the in-between spaces with?

Anything you want as long as it’s on brand and on strategy!

Ok…that was vague...if true.

But seriously, pretty much anything goes as long as it’s within your brand, your message, and will engage your audience.

Remember - the goal here is to keep your audience connected!

Ideas on how to fill in the black space between performances and other promotional events:

  • Holidays

  • Fake holidays. There is a National or International Day of whatever for pretty much anything. Pick out the ones you can tie back to your organization or industry and post around them!

  • Other significant days related to your recently done or upcoming programming. Birthdays or other moments of interest of the creators and performers. When productions premiered. Etc.

  • Significant days in your industry. Composer birthdays, opening day for a major musical, what have you.

  • Good new and reviews of productions you’ll soon perform. That director you have coming in next year just get a fabulous review for their current production. Share it and tell how excited you are to work with them. (This is also a good way to slip in a link for the audience to buy tickets.)  

  • Popular hashtags like #WomenCrushWednesday and #ThrowbackThursday. Scan Twitter and Instagram and you'll find them.

  • Features on you and/or your company. Nothing current? Use a #TBT or #ThrowbackThursday to reminisce on old ones.

  • Behind the scenes or coming soons.

  • Outtakes. Polished photos and videos are always lovely but the outtakes are FUN. Who doesn’t love a good blooper reel?  

  • “Caption this” is always fun for a laugh when you have some fabulous outtakes.

  • Fill in the blank memes.

  • Ask a question and ask your audience to reply with a gif is always a good post for creating interaction.

  • Ask a question in general.

  • Share posts that others have tagged you in.

  • Goals/Goal progress. Talk about goals, how you work towards them, and progress updates.

  • Topical events/news you can tie back to your organization/genre.

  • Good news from other performing arts groups in your area. #collaborationovercompetition

  • Start a series. This builds interest, establishes you further as an expert go-to resource, and keeps storytelling skills sharp. Ideas include: Mythbusting in your industry. Mythbusting of your organization. 101 style learning/fun facts of your industry.

  • Getting to know yous of staff/performers/etc. This is especially awesome for those in the classical fields. Classical has a stuffy image. Dispel this with fun intros/interviews. 

  • Job descriptions of staff and/or “a day in the life” of crew. Many of your audience may have no idea that behind the scenes there’s an entire army of staff helping the show run smoothly.

  • Sell products. Got products? Recordings? Tshirts? Whathaveyou? Sell them.

  • Promote your newsletter. Don’t have a newsletter? Start one. It’s one of the most valuable ways to reach your audience.  

  • When creativity is at a total loss: quotes, coffee, cocktails, and cats. These are ALWAYS a good fallback. Even better if you can combine two or more of the categories.  

Note: Many of these are more lighthearted as the nature of social media is lighthearted. If you have a more reserved brand image, that's completely cool! Tailor these ideas to fit within that more reserved brand.

Get creative! Some things may take some institutional knowledge so pull up old production calendars and press releases. Look at the history to see how things can be freshened up and shared.

Related side note: that’s a few posts there too!

Post ideas are everywhere.

Practice creatively connecting stories to your industry and organization. With time and practice, it’ll soon become second nature and you’ll always have fun stories to share!

Now that you have the ideas, do you Need to know how to put that list into action? we're on it: 

  • Pull out that promotional calendar. Where are the blank spaces?

  • What are the other significant days you want to promote? Birthdays, historical events, etc. Add them in.

  • Add in the real holidays and fake holidays that you want to post about.

  • With the remaining dates, plug in other ideas from the list! Rotate between things that are more salesy vs pure shares.

And just like that, you have a full social media marketing calendar!

From there, all you need to do is write your captions, decide or design your images, and schedule your posts! Hooray!

What do you share on social media between performances? Share with us in the comments below!

Need help creating your social media marketing strategy and plan? Contact me today and let’s get that taken care of!