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How to Respond to Negative Feedback About Your Social Media

If you put yourself out there in any sort of real way on social media, you’re bound to get some negative feedback. This blog covers how to handle it and if you should change your social media marketing strategy because of it.

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Selling clothing without using pictures: What the J. Peterman catalog can teach the performing arts about storytelling and marketing.

What can a retail catalog teach us about marketing? Turns out, quite a bit if you’re the J. Peterman catalog...especially when it comes to killer storytelling. Translating storytelling from stage to marketing, this week on the blog.

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To Plan, or Not to Plan, That is the Question.

Do you prefer to plan your marketing or fly by the seat of your pants? If your current way isn’t working, you’re not sure what to do, or want to learn a way that meets in the middle then this is the blog post is for you!

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