Melinda Massie

Are you ready to stop allowing your clothes to dictate your mood in the morning and create a closet you love getting dressed in?

Of course you are!

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Kick Ass Closets

End the psychological torture, and create a closet that will make you love getting dressed each day.


Inside you'll learn:

  • How clothing sizing was created. Spoiler alert: this is why you should ignore sizes altogether.

  • The checklist to help you determine which clothes stay and which clothes sashay away.

  • A step-by-step plan on how to clear out the wrong clothes with minimum chaos. 

  • How to create an organized closet so you can enjoy getting dressed each morning. 

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Kick Ass Closets - A Side of Fabulous
I just LOVE my closet!!! Now I like to hang out in here and drink wine while I stare at it; it’s so pretty!
— K.K., Fort Worth, TX
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Helping clients create a fabulously organized closet is something that's been near and dear to my heart from the very beginning of my business.

What we wear and how we feel we look has such an effect on our energy and attitude. 

Think about how you feel when you put on something that makes you look good. You stand a little taller. Beam a little brighter. The day often goes well.

The opposite unfortunately has as true of an effect. Have you ever said, "I'm having a fat day," hate everything you try on, settle on something you feel less-than-splendid in, and subsequently have a crap-ass day? 

Sucks doesn't it? 


Reach into your closet every day and know that every item of clothing you touch fits, is flattering, and makes you feel fabulous. 

How much nicer will your days be when your morning runs a little smoother because you weren't searching for your favorite top? 

How much more fun will clothes shopping be because you know what you have in your closet and what you need? 

Feels fantastic, doesn't it?

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"Kick-Ass Closets" is a simple, 7-step guide to transforming your closet from chaos to a crave-worthy space you'll look forward to getting dressed in.

Who this is for:

Anyone who is ready to shed the clothing that no longer fits their current body/lifestyle and create an organized closet that they'll enjoy getting ready in every day.

Who this is not for: 

Those looking for specific fashion advice. While I'll talk a little bit about fashion staples, certain fashion industry practices that are less-than-splendid, how you'll look and feel better in clothes that properly fit, and accepting who your life and body in its current state, the mission of this e-book is to help you clear out the clutter and organize your closet. 

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Are you ready to:

  • end the psychological torture

  • clear out the the clothes that don't make you feel your best, and

  • create a closet you love?

Kick Ass Closets by Melinda Massie

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Is your entire home a hot mess? 

There's a book for that.

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