Want to cook for yourself but have a hard time cooking for only one person? 

That comes to an end today. 

Fall Meal Plan for One - A Side of Fabulous

Cooking for one doesn’t have to be a massive challenge. By taking a few ingredients and combining them in different ways you can have fresh food and variety without so many leftovers that you can feed a small army. 

The meal plan uses the flavors of fall - including butternut squash, mushrooms, pumpkin, and apples - to feed you deliciously for a week. The similarities save food waste and money, while the different recipes - scaled to smaller sizes - keep meals from becoming monotonous. 

This plan is suitable for cooks of all skill levels, and the only special equipment needed is a food processor or blender. 

What's inside: 

  • Meal options and recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and a dessert. (But not for the entire week in case you want to take yourself out.)

  • Prep plan. By doing some meal prep at the beginning of the week, you'll be able to eat quickly through the week with minimal fuss.

  • Shopping list.

  • Additional tips throughout.

This plan is vegetarian. Alterations can be made for carnivores and vegans. 

Most meal plans and recipes out there will leave you with enough food for a small army. This plan puts all that to an end.

Want to cook delicious meals for yourself? Buy this plan and start today!


Thanks so much! Happy Fall Cooking!