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Are you a performer or performing arts organization that wants to learn how to market yourself?

Welcome! You're in the right place!

Melinda Massie

Hello, Hello! 

I'm Melinda Massie, teach performers and performing arts organizations how to market themselves. 

I've performed since I was little and have worked with all size companies from teeny to professional, and in the front of the house, back of the house, as well as on the stage. My degree is in advertising and public relations, and I've have self-marketed my own businesses for 10+ years.

Now I'm combining all of my experience to teach you how to spread the word about you and all the fabulous things you do! 


Whether you're starting from scratch and need to learn everything or you want a little finesse and creative ideas to add to what you're already doing, I have you covered and want to help.

Let's get started!

How do you want to learn?