Melinda Massie
Melinda Massie
Digital marketing coach for the performing arts, writer, and performer

Hey there! I’m Melinda!

I teach performers and performing arts organizations how to use digital marketing in a simple, clear, and creative way.

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Digital marketing is the easiest, fastest, and most economical way to market yourself.

All fabulous things when you’re talking the jam-packed, wallet-strapped business of the performing arts!


From total novice to digital native, slight strategy tweaks to “I need the whole damn plan,” I’ve got you covered.

Remember, you don’t have to be a master marketer. I bet you already have tons on your plate as it is and this feels like “one more thing.”

Thing is, you DO need to know how to cohesively market yourself.

And I’d love to be the person to show you well as how to fit it into an already over-packed schedule.


Are you ready to learn how to use digital marketing to your best advantage?

You are worth your weight in gold!
— Ruth Ann Ritchie, Executive Director, Astraios Chamber Music

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