Melinda Massie
Melinda Massie
Performing arts marketing coach, writer, and performer

Hey there! I’m Melinda!

Performing arts marketing coach, writer, and performer.

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Make your marketing as easy as 1, and a 2, and a 3.


For a performing arts production to succeed, we must have clarity, creativity, and confidence.

Same is true in your marketing.

When you're already doing #allthethings, it's easy for marketing to slip through the cracks.

Maybe you aren’t sure what to do. Maybe you're not sure how to tell if you'r current marketing is working. Maybe you know what to do, but just aren't sure how to fit it into your already over-packed schedule.

Whatever your reasons for not marketing as well as you should, I know you can overcome them! So often in the performing arts we have to pull magic from nothing. We can do that because the performing arts are all about creativity and great storytelling.

Same goes for marketing!

And I'd love to share with you how you can do it.


Are you ready to channel your creativity and storytelling for the stage into your marketing?

You are worth your weight in gold!
— Ruth Ann Ritchie, Executive Director, Astraios Chamber Music

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