Melinda Massie

Hey there! I’m Melinda!

Performing Arts Marketing Coach, Writer, & Performer.

I teach performing arts people how to market themselves in a simple, clear, and creative way.

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Now Available!

The Performing Arts Marketing Crash Course: Marketing 101 + Plan workbook will teach you the basics of marketing and help you write your marketing plan.


Are you ready to learn how to market yourself fabulously?


The good news is you don’t have to learn everything under the sun to market yourself easily and effectively.

You probably already have too much on your plate as it is, and marketing feels like “one more thing” you have to do.

Exhausting right?

Through cohesive planning and strategy, as well as an execution plan, marketing will become MUCH easier.

And I’d love to teach you how!


Brand new to marketing or years of experience, need only a little help or are starting from scratch and need help with everything, you’re taken care of.

Are you ready to get started?

You are worth your weight in gold!
— Ruth Ann Ritchie, Executive Director, Astraios Chamber Music

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