Melinda Massie
Melinda Massie
Digital marketing coach for the performing arts, writer, and performer

Hey there! I’m Melinda Massie.

I'm a digital marketing coach for the performing arts, writer, and performer who teaches performers and performing arts organizations how to use digital marketing to their best advantage in a simple, clear, and creative way.

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Most days you’ll find me at my local coffee shop, messy bun and all, researching the best marketing info for my clients or writing my next blog or book.

I’ve seen and experienced first-hand how outstanding marketing can alter the course of a performing arts organization - negatively or positively. I’ve also witnessed or been told about the doubt and frustration that comes when you don't know what or how to best use digital marketing.

Knowing I could help, I made a drastic decision.

I shut down my professional organizing business after 8 years and set off in a new direction teaching those in the performing arts industry how to use digital marketing.

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What I love most about teaching digital marketing to performers (other than helping obvs!) is that it combines all of my loves, skill sets, and prior careers into one nice, neat package:

  • I’ve performed since I was little - playing flute and piccolo, acting, singing, and becoming a professional ballroom dancer.

  • I got my degree in advertising and public relations (though I bounced through majors in philosophy, theater, music, and dance before I got there.)

  • I’ve been a one-woman-show entrepreneur since 2008. I truly understand, first-hand, how exhausting and frustrating it can feel to know you need to do something but not have the knowledge, time, energy, or resources to do it.

If I can do it, you can definitely do it!


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When I’m not helping people get their digital marketing game together, you’ll find me performing with the Fort Worth Opera, pretending to run, indulging in some fabulous food, or sipping on some whiskey or champagne.

And not necessarily in that order.

If your digital marketing frustrates the hell out of you, know that there's an easier way. I'd love to share it with you.

I work with performing arts people who are ready to take control of and feel good about their digital marketing.

Are you ready? If so, Let's make it happen together!