With all the demands of running a performing arts organization and making sure that the show always goes on, it’s easy to let marketing slip by the wayside.

You think to yourself, “I’ll do it later.”

Then suddenly, the show is about to open and later is now.

Next thing you know, you’re slapping something together at the last minute and hoping it’ll be enough to get people to come see your show.

When the show is over, you say you’ll do better next time.

Now is the time.

Let’s work together to help you create a clear-cut marketing plan, strategy, and execution plan so that you feel confident in your marketing and don’t have to slap things together ever again.



How it works:

We start with the prep work. After booking your session, I’ll send you a shared Google Doc with questions about your marketing needs and goals. What’s working and what isn’t. This will give me better insight into your plans and allow me to better help you during our coaching session.

We’ll have our coaching session. We'll discuss your current needs and goals, and how to get you there. When we finish, you’ll have a clear action plan of how to move forward.

I'll follow up with a recap of our session. After our meeting, I’ll follow up with a recap as well as any materials and resources needed to help you put your new plans into action..

I'll check in weekly during the month following our coaching session to see how it's going. You can expect an accountability email from me at the beginning of each week to check on your progress. I’ll ask how things are going, help you set goals, answer any questions that have come up, and give you a little encouragement and motivation to help you keep moving forward.



This package is for you if...

You're ready to take control of your marketing and take action on the plans.



What’s included:

  • Coaching session of selected length. Coaching sessions are conducted in person, or via phone/Skype.

  • Follow up materials based on what we work on to help continue the forward momentum.  

  • One month of e-mail coaching to support the implementation of the work started in our Make It Happen Marketing meeting. This includes:

    • Weekly check-ins by email to track your progress & hold you accountable.

    • Unlimited email and text questions through the implementation month.

  • An additional 30-minute coaching call at the end of the implementation month to discuss how progress is going and answer any further questions.

  • Special rate for continued coaching.


1 Hour

Great for some finesse, review, and/or a brainstorming session.



3 Hour

The most popular option. Great for digging more into your marketing needs. Think of this like a personalized workshop.



Full Day

Great for diving full-in with strategy, planning, and learning the tools you need to succeed.

6-hour - $1500
8-hour - $1800

Only need a little help?

Mini coachings with Melinda Massie

Flat, pay-as-you-go rates are available.

Need more time or have something specific in mind? Let's talk!

Are you ready to learn how to channel your creativity and storytelling for the stage into your marketing?

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